John O'Meara

Shakespearean, neo-Romantic critic

John O'Meara Shakespeare Shakespearean Romanticism Literary Critic Novalis

Some Key Essays


“Hamlet and the Tragedy of Sexuality”, Hamlet Studies, Volume 10, 1988, reprinted in Postmodern Essays on Love, Sex, and Marriage in Shakespeare, ed. Bhim S. Dahiya, Viva Books, New Delhi, 2008. [See also Otherworldly Hamlet.]


Shakespeare’s Muse: An Introductory Overview, 2007





“excellent Shakespearean explorations … The idea of Lutheran depravity without Lutheran grace or Lutheran-Calvinist justification is very strong and original …” {Anthony Gash, author of The Substance of Shadows: Shakespeare’s Dialogue with Plato}


On Luther, ‘Measure for Measure’, Good and Evil in Shakespeare, Comedy, and the Evolution of Consciousness, 2009, reprinted in Shakespeare, the Goddess, and Modernity, 2012.


“Outbraving Luther: Shakespeare’s Final Evolution through the Tragedies into the Last Plays”. In Shakespeare, the Man: New Decipherings, ed. Rupin Desai, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, Madison NJ, 2014. [To download this essay, see]