John O'Meara

Shakespearean, neo-Romantic critic

John O'Meara Shakespeare Shakespearean Romanticism Literary Critic Novalis

Raphael [who provided the cover image for The Way of Novalis, from The School of Athens] and Giulio Romano [who provided the cover image for Shakespeare, the Goddess and Modernity, from The Destruction of the Titans].



John O'Meara in a letter to Robert Powell:

"Both authors are working Sophianically, Novalis taking us up, eventually, into the heights along with Sophia, while Shakespeare, likewise eventually, re-emerges with Sophia from the depths."


                                               from the Author's Notes                                                             

               Both are living through tragedy through the power of Sophianic thinking.

In Novalis, the Mother is reached in the heights where She is reflected by the Daughter, Sophia (via Sophie).

In Shakespeare, the Mother is reached in the depths, where She properly lies, the Mother being further reflected in the Daughter as embodied on Earth, as in Shakespeare's last plays.                                                                     

               Cf. Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Plays, for the heights and the depths (see The New School of the Imagination).