John O'Meara

Shakespearean, neo-Romantic critic

John O'Meara Shakespeare Shakespearean Romanticism Literary Critic Novalis

A List of Publications by John O'Meara


“Hamlet and the Tragedy of Sexuality” in Hamlet Studies (1988)

“Hamlet and the Fortunes of Sorrowful Imagination” in Cahiers Elisabethains (1989)

“And I Will Kill Thee and Love Thee After”: Othello’s Sacrifice as Dialectic of Faith” in English Language Notes (1990)


Otherworldly Hamlet (1991)

Othello’s Sacrifice: Essays on Shakespeare and Romantic Tradition  (1996)

Defending Her Son (1999)


Prospero’s Powers (2006)

Shakespeare’s Muse (2007)

The Thinking Spirit: Rudolf Steiner and Romantic Theory, A Collection of His Texts with Notes (2007)

The New School of the Imagination: Rudolf Steiner's Mystery Plays in Literary Tradition (2007)


The Modern Debacle and Our Hope in the Goddess (2007)

Myth, Depravity, Impasse: Graves, Shakespeare, Keats (2008; rpt. 2011)


Shakespeare’s Richard II, God, and Language (2009)

Visionary Miraculism in Shakespeare and Contemporaries (2009)

On Luther, ‘Measure for Measure’, Good and Evil in Shakespeare, Comedy, and the Evolution of Consciousness (2009)


This Life, This Death: Wordsworth’s Poetic Destiny  (2011)


On Nature and the Goddess in Romantic and post-Romantic Literature (2012)


Shakespeare, the Goddess, and Modernity (2012)


“Outbraving Luther: Shakespeare’s Final Evolution through the Tragedies into the Last Plays” in Shakespeare, the Man: New Decipherings (2014)


The Way of Novalis  (2014)


John O'Meara Shakespeare John O'Meara Shakespearean